Hotel La Casa del Maestro, Seville, Spain


What is the time of check-in and check-out?
The one you choose. If you arrive too early and your room is not ready, you can leave your luggage until it is. Check out, usually until 12:00 noon, ask if you want to go out later.
Can I choose the type of bed in my room? (Large bed - two beds)?
Do the rooms have a balcony or terrace? Can I book it?
Yes, each room is different, some have a balcony, terrace or other window. Write down your preferences to try to address them as much as possible.
Are there non-smoking rooms?
How many floors does the building have? Is there a lift?
3 floors without elevator, but they go up the suitcases.
Is there air conditioning in the rooms? Does it work all year?
Is your hotel adapted for the handicapped?
Can you keep my luggage when I leave the room?
Where can I park my car in a safe place? What does it cost?
We have in front of the front door of a loading and unloading. The nearest car park is the Pious Schools about 150m. Cost €18 days or so.
Do you have an Internet or e-mail for guests?
If we have a computer installed in the library and even a laptop if you need it.
Do you have high speed internet in the room for my laptop? Is it wireless (wireless)?
Yes. Yes.
Does the hotel have romantic rooms?
Of course...
Tell us your preferences and try to make your stay as pleasant and personalized as possible.
What languages are spoken in Reception?
Spanish, English, French and Japanese.
Where can I rent a car?
We'll help.
Do you have a cradle?
Babysitting service?
Yes, it is possible.